Sunday, December 19, 2010

All in the Family

I have enjoyed the Manzanilla of Bodegas Argueso for some time now, but I only knew the "Clasica" bottling. I had never encountered some of their other products (which I have heard includes a white table wine made from Palomino Fino).

Recently, I was introduced to the "Reserva de Familia" Manzanilla from Argueso, and it is now a favorite.

Com' on, it has a black and gold label. You know it has to be badass.
The "Reserva" had an extra dimension of weight above above and beyond the normal "Clasica" bottling, but also offered superb integration. Seamless, really. It think it is unusual to find mineral and saline flavors with a seamless texture. Usually more cut and chisel and distinct are the bywords.

I could see certain occasions where I might prefer the lighter "Clasica" with my food, but as a sherry of profundity, along the lines of a Fino bottling from Valdespino, or of some of the releases from Equipo Navazos in their "La Bota" series, the Argueso "Reserva" certainly merits some attention.

Really quite wonderful.

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