Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blind tasting note - from wd 9/3/2009

Here is a note on the blind tasting I was at today:

The color of the room was bright but not star bright, probably owing to an afternoon start time and 100% open window treatment.

We were given sliced baguette to eat. I would place the baguette as New World baguette, as it did not have the sort of crust I typically associate with Old World baguette. Yes, definitely New World baguette, probably of Manhattan or outer borough origins.

The smell was mute and uninteresting. Wafting, rather than high-toned. Lingering.

The opening was fairly conversation forward, with a blend of Chris explaining his new idea for "Patchtoos": nicotine patches in the shape of classic tattoos ("I'll make a fortune off the bloody dagger alone!") and Peter wondering aloud about why people email him questions they could easily answer for themselves with the help of Google. I found these comments interesting, if not multi-layered or immense. Chris' comments did have a certain charm though, and there was a lot of purity in Peter's line of thought. This conversation might have shown better under different circumstances, as there were some signs of fatigue. Perhaps Peter's recent trip from France was leaving him a little disjointed.

There was a tendency towards bitterness. Chris did a Dave Chappelle/Samuel L. Jackson mashup where he asked "What about you flock of seagulls? What do you think about wine number 21?" and then answered his own question with "No, I don't give a DAMN about number 21, and I HOPE IT ROTS IN HELL!!" While a tremendous effort, and clearly one of the candidates for comment of the vintage, this did lack some elegance, and I don't know if it is the sort of comment I would want with food. One or two sentences is probably all I could take. Some argued that Chris' comments, while perhaps not finesse driven, showed typicite. I would question whether they were mature, or whether they still need time to develop.

The finish lasted over a minute, as I shared with the group my favorite new YouTube movie about Wine Sales.

I am going back to the same blind tasting group tomorrow. I'll let you know how it shows on Day 2!

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