Monday, December 6, 2010

Driving boats - from wd 3/15/2010

It's true that if you watch from 2nd Ave, and you look down 79th towards the East River, the tugboats seem to be driving on FDR. It's a clear view to Roosevelt Island down 79th St., and you can't see the water beyond the freeway from that distance. So the freighters and tugs and Coast Guard cutters seem swept along by the mid afternoon traffic, and not by the water current.

The other day I had a lady yell at me that her no sulphur added red wine selection was too cold to be served at table. Of course I know that if you store a wine like this warm you lose it to Brett, and popping bubbles, and zero finish. I know. But she didn't, and there was her finger in my face. She was upset.

Perspective is not everything, but I'm sure it counts for a lot. I know I got startled the first time I saw a giant oil tanker gaining on a Buick.

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