Saturday, December 4, 2010

An exception - from wd 3/5/2010

But then it was long before my dad was called to active duty in Southeast Asia, and back then, as a young kid, he used to play "Army" without guns. Folks were poor, and there was no money for toys. The local gang of young toughs would chase around the woods of the Smoky Mountains, and if they caught sight of each other, the first soldier to cock a finger and shout "bangity, bang, bang" was the killer. The dead would fall to the ground before them, vanquished.

My dad told me the story of the time he had seen Jackson Callis 30 paces out, and careful taking aim, had shot Jackson clear in the ribs with three taps of a finger. But Jackson had kept coming. And so my dad had shouted louder: "bangity, bang, bang!". But Jackson did not fall. As they came upon each other my dad called out "I said bangity, bang, bang!!" To which Jackson ran up against my dad, put a shoulder to dad's stomach, and knocked him down to the mud.

"Tankity, tank, tank" Jackson announced before he sauntered away.

Which just goes to show, there is always an exception.

I find that the 2007 Giardino "Sophia", an orange wine that is based on the Coda di Volpe grape raised in anfora, tastes better when it is thoroughly cold. Not with the slight chill that benefits other oranges as a serving temp, but rather with the deep cold of ice on its skin.


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