Saturday, December 4, 2010

Found - from wd 1/12/10

I saw in the de Young this found sculpture from New Guinea. The plaque nearby went like this:

Imunu are unique spirit figures obtained from the root of the Mangrove tree. The village where this figure originated is located at the delta of the Fly River on New Guinea's south coast. It is waterlogged with swamps and forests traversed by small streams and sluggish rivers. Mangrove trees and shrubs that grow in the saline habitat thrive. Spirit figures are obtained from the root of the mangrove. A carver or spirit-man dreams an image and then goes to “find” it in the mangrove forest. Small, carved modifications of the surface are made such as the addition of facial features. However, the natural form is retained.

I have read that the process of finding the Imunu that one has dreamt of can take weeks.

I have myself have had a dream for several years, although mine was of a Coteaux Champenois, the still red wine from Champagne. I have looked for a long time for subtle and mysterious flavors, as well as captivating aromas. I have sampled many Coteaux Champenois and been disappointed. Either they were too ephemeral and wane, or too clodish and heavy. None was the one I had dreamed after. But this week I did find that wine, an amazing one, and it was called

2005 Egly-Ouriet Ambonnay Rouge Coteaux Champenois

and I thought I would share that with you.

I laughed when I put my nose to the glass.

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