Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Kaikan Fizz, with thanks to Stan V. - from wd 12/14/2009

Say you would like to try making the milk and lemon juice cocktail that Mr. Yoshida made for me to great effect at the Y&M Kisling Bar? Please find below the ingredients for a Kaikan Fizz, a drink invented by the legendary Haruyoshi Honda. Mr. Haruyoshi Honda was a barman at the famous Kaikan Club Bar, where Yoshida-san and Uyeda-san also once worked, earlier in their careers. There are still restaurants and bars in the Kaikan complex, which is near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (a great place for a walk btw, as the Palace area is surrounded by a moat and there is an area near the British Embassy planted with many cherry trees). The Kaikan Fizz is similar to a Ramos Gin Fizz, which probably explains why I liked the Kaikan Fizz so much when Yoshida-san made it for me, as I really like a Ramos Gin Fizz.

Anyway, here are the ingredients for a Kaikan Fizz as passed to me by the amazing barman Stan Vadrna, listed in the order in which you would add them into a cobbler shaker:

15ml (all the measures are in ml in Japan) fresh lemon juice
30ml milk
15ml (or a bit less) sugar syrup
45ml Plymouth Gin (or Gordon's, although the Japanese use a different type of Gordon's than is available in the States)

Shake well and pour into a highball glass over fresh ice. You really need to shake it well, or you risk curdling the milk.

fill the glass full to the top with more ice

top the mixture with club soda poured over the back of a barspoon into the glass

and serve.

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spankminister said...

Okay, total cocktail noob here, but why is the milk added second after the lemon juice? Doesn't that increase the time the milk has to curdle in the acidic lemon, not to mention when the gin is added on top of it?

I've read in some places (and it intuitively makes sense) that all the acidic ingredients should go in first, and then milk last, right before shaking, but an experience bartender must have a reason I'm missing.