Sunday, December 26, 2010

They were real big back in the day

Napoleon III surveys the scene

Have you also heard about the prices being fetched for First Growth Bordeaux in China these days? Quite dizzying, yes? Makes one wonder what the next big thing amongst Hong Kong collectors will be once they have enough wine in their cellars. For a clue, I decided to peruse the list of awards handed out at the 1855 Exposition Universelle, held that year in Paris. It is on the basis of the rankings drawn up for that event that the First Growths were given the accolade that they now possess. So, who else might be expected to fetch big prices in the auction markets of the future? Who else was lauded in 1855? For your reference, I share a quick guide to the highlights:

Painters: Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
              Martha Darlay Mutrie

Drawer: Edward Falkener

Sculptor: Ferdinand Barbedienne

Photographer: H. Fox Talbot

Jeweler: Jean Valentin Morel

Pianist: Henri Herz

Violin maker: Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

So there you have it. Stieglitz will be OUT and Fox Talbot IN during the next auction season in HK.


Mark Ryan said...

Fox Talbot is to Burgundy as Stieglitz is to Bordeaux. Thankfully neither Talbot nor Burgundy are quite yet on their radar...

adamjapko said...

If HK and mainland millionaires can turn Fox Talbot photos to dinner party tablecloths to be stained and tossed with xiao long bao soup juices and 61 petrus drippings, there just might be legs to the prediction...