Monday, March 14, 2011

The no call list: AN IMPORTANT UPDATE

I must take a moment to announce to all that several days ago I received a text message expressing support with my (lack of) job situation from an unknown number. Because his name was not saved as a contact in my phone, and because he did not sign the text message - because no one ever signs text messages, they just assume you know who it is - I was unaware that the text originated with Mahmoud the janitor from my old building. At the time, I wondered who was nice enough to send such a thoughtful message. Now that I realize that it was from Mahmoud the janitor from my old building, I must take a moment to sincerely apologize to him for his inclusion in my previous post about So-Called-Friends. Because Mahmoud the janitor from my old building did Call. So he is a Call Friend.

I take it back, Mahmoud. I take it all back, man. And I am really sorry that I wrote about that situation with the crumpled paper bag. I don't even know why that came up. I guess the stress of my current situation just got to me there.

You are a solid friend, Mahmoud. Thank you, man.

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