Monday, April 18, 2011

Capovilla is back in the States

I was told today that after working for a year to make it happen, a local importer has cleared the final hoops of getting the Eaux de Vie and Grappe of Vittorio "Gianni" Capovilla okay'd and available for sale here in New York.

This is a big deal in the world of Italian distillates. Capovilla has a reputation in Italy of being on a qualitative level equal to that of the late Romano Levi (although in a completely different style). The Capovilla Eaux de Vie are extremely well-thought of, and are in my opinion the Italian equivalent of Riesetbauer.

I have been trying (for years) to tell any importer who would listen to bring in Capovilla, and I am so happy that someone finally put in the considerable effort to do so (each label for each product had to be BATF approved) on their own.

Capovilla makes a very wide range of spirits, and only a few will now start to show up here, but this is an occasion nonetheless, and worthy of mention.

I personally think of Capovilla as a stylistic Musigny of spirits, and a counter to the Chambertins that were produced by Romano Levi. Capovilla brings forth spirits that are quite refined and filigree.

Capovilla spirits are now being brought into the country by Jan d'Amore. You might check them out.

Here is a link to Jan's website listing

Here is a link to the Capovilla website

Like the late Marco De Bartoli, Gianni Capovilla was once a race car driver. He started his distillery in 1986.

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