Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the day the world ended

On the day the world ended we drank champagne and thought about what our wish would be for the other side. Sandee said he'd enjoy to share loud laughs with Marcel Marceau, which sounded like fun. I admitted that I really hoped to be in that car race with James Dean, the one where the young girl jumps into the air at the starting line. Sandee felt that that was a good one, but didn't I always refuse to drive? I replied that for a special case I would figure it out.

We both thought that everything would be fine as long as we weren't subjected to endless Shirley MacLaine theatricals, because definitely she would be there and she probably knew everybody involved already. Sandee wished that if we were going to go around one more time that he could be smarter, which is what the smart ones always want, and I said that it would be fine with me if reality TV were a little less popular.

Sandee raised a toast to Civility, to a picture of Alexis Lichine, and to a good show from Balanchine, whilst everyone agreed that it was a very pleasant evening.

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