Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Visit to Lorenzo Accomasso

Accomasso's Cantina is in La Morra, not far from Altare and next to Roberto Voerzio. Accomasso stands in contrast to those and other estates, however. Here is a man who does not get acclaim or high prices for his wines. Instead, his has been a life of hard work and often near poverty. Pictured in this book are Lorenzo and his sister.

Mr. Accomasso speaks of a difficult life, and of a mother, now passed, who lived into her nineties and worked each day "as would a man." He speaks of astonishment at the prices now fetched for some Barolo, and alludes to an era when money and food were scarce. He speaks quietly, and it is often difficult to hear him over the clucking of the roosters and the hens outside his door. Mr. Accomasso's hands give him trouble as he tries to open the bottles for us.

Mr. Accomasso, now in his 70s, with the first vintage of Barolo that was his, the 1958.

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