Saturday, June 25, 2011

Highway to Wine Heaven

We watched a lot of Little House when I was growing up, so you knew that when Highway to Heaven came out, also with Michael Landon as the star, that we would be watching that, too. Highway to Heaven, for those of you who might not have seen it, was basically like Quantum Leap, but with a G-d angle. In the show, Michael Landon played an angel come down to earth who tried to help people make the right decisions in their lives. As we all know, making the right decisions is pretty much the hardest part of the life-as-human deal, so there were plenty of opportunities for Michael to help folks out, and the show ran for 5 seasons on the air.

Recently, I had one of those experiences where you figure, Uhm, no way did that just happen on its own. Cause that was just too great. Those are the times where I figure somebody up there must have been helping me out a little. But because it is sometimes difficult to find the web address of one's guardian angel, I'll go ahead and post here on my earth bound blog about how you could have a similar experience, if you so desired.

Here's what occured: I had a glass of Equipo Navazos "La Bota N. 22" Manzanilla sherry. I had a heaping spoonful of wasabi infused flying fish roe from the famed Russ & Daughters. And I had beautiful afternoon weather outside on a friend's patio with charming company. Cue the music, and the takeaway: this is how it is supposed to happen. There was no mistake. This was a beautiful, pure, delicious pairing. Heaven, even.

The La Bota 22 is remarkably elegant and detailed for such a robust wine. I recommend everyone to get a bottle. Seriously. These sherries from Equipo Navazos are some of the greatest wines in the world, by whatever measure you might want to judge "great", and they are usually under $100 a bottle retail, which is a measure about none of the other wines labelled as great could apply. I feel like each time there is a release in the series that there is a new reference point given for what sherry can be and is.

The wasabi roe is a part of the reason that when people ask me about all of my favorite places to eat in New York City I reply: Russ & Daughters.

Thanks to whomever was looking out for me that that could all come together. I owe you.

It was a blessed day.


Elisabet C said...

I remember growing up and watching that show with my older brothers. I remember Michael Landon. Im spaniard sumiller and I thank you all the wine followers for respecting and pushing for sherry. With your help my blood ancestors who fought to make this wine will continue to exist! Gracias! E

Laurel said...

Ha! When I read the words "G-d angle" in my mind I read G (space) dangle and was thinking what in the world is a g dangle? I mean, I got 99% of your wine-speak references (I use many of them left out doogie howser, though) but I must really not be hip if I don't know what a g dangle is! I re-read, and realize, I am exactly as hip as I was before, no such thing as a g dangle - but my eyesight is going, so indeed, I'm getting old after all.