Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You There Petrus? It's Me, Levi

  Are you there Petrus? It's me, Levi. It's been awhile since we talked. I'm sorry for that. I guess we've drifted apart. Sometimes I just feel like it is difficult. I know that we used to talk more. The time you answered my prayers with the 1959 Belgian Label, well, I don't forget about that.
  Just it seems like maybe you don't care about me like you used to. I know that's not true, Petrus, but sometimes that is how it feels here. Being in a relationship with you can demand a lot of sacrifices, or a least that is how I think right now. When did the Ten Commandments start to cost $1,000 each, Petrus? That sure seems like a lot of money to me.
  Some of the other sommeliers talk about you a lot. They seem to know you pretty well. Like about 1947, and the sometimes small amount of Cabernet Franc, and stuff like that. Do you think I'll be like that someday? I really don't know anything about 1947, Petrus. That seems like a long time ago. Was 1947 when people wore fedoras for the first time?
  I understand that you have been very busy in Hong Kong lately. Do you enjoy Chinese food, Petrus? I know you used to be in Las Vegas a lot, and that it is hard to get good Chinese food there. At least that is what my friend said. I like Peking duck a bunch, myself. I wish you and I could have Peking duck together some day. The real kind, that you roll, and with good onions. Do you like the onions in your Peking duck, Petrus? Some folks don't seem to like the onions, but I think they are mostly from Napa, actually. I'm pretty sure about that. It would be great to have Peking duck with you, Petrus. Really, really great.
  I've been going through a lot of changes Petrus. I enjoy Muscadet more than I used to. Please don't be angry with me. I hope we can talk more.


Those Beats said...

HAHA, oh this is fantastic!

adamjapko said...

LOL, i think we had the same conversation. Petrus must be getting tired of hearing it over and over again....

p.s. good chinese *can* be found in Vegas by the eyedropper full