Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joe Dressner

   "I used to have three college roommates. This kid Harvey used to throw shitty parties with his brother. Not much to him, skinny kid with a jew-fro and bell bottoms. Used to listen to the Hair soundtrack everyday. Everyday. The Hair soundtrack. All the time. One night I came home high on LSD and Harvey was there playing the fucking soundtrack from Hair. I picked the record off the turntop and threw it against the wall. I thought it would shatter into a million pieces if I threw it hard enough, like I saw in a movie once, but it didn't. It's fiberglass or whatever. It doesn't shatter. So I picked Hair up off the ground and I kept whacking it against the wall, hoping I could get it to shatter. I never did.
   Now I see his name in the papers sometimes, Harvey Weinstein this, Harvey Weinstein that..."

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