Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two Tough Cops. Two Killer Spanish Brandies.

They're good?
Real, real good. Top quality product. High shelf.
What'd you hear?
A few bottles to start, no big shipments, only two bottlings, but there is going to be impact. Big impact.
My guy said this is going to change things on the street. The Spanish Kings are making a move. Equipo Navazos.
Navazos? La Bota Navazos? Your guy said Navazos, he said this a move? Your guy from Soccer Bar?
Equipo Navazos. It's going down. What people say about Spanish Brandy changes after this. Big move.
You talked to your guy? When?
We talked. There was a meet. I said hi. But nothing is on the record but this and this. That's what we know for now.

When do we have more to go on? Do we even know what we are looking for?
I got a picture.
Real current. Yesterday.
What do we do now?
We watch. We keep an eye out for them. That's what we do.
Stake out?
This product is going to move. If we don't watch now we miss it. The buys will be quick or there won't be buys left.
Where is the connection? Who?
Palazzi. Our old friend Nicolas Palazzi. He's the mover. He's FROG 1, the French Connection.
Palazzi? Tough guy Palazzi?
Yeah, Palazzi with the gold chains. He's with the outfit out of Poughkeepsie now.
Your guy said Equipo Navazos?
He said spirits? Brandies?
This is it, this is the move?
This is the move.
I guess we watch then.
Yep, we watch. We wait for it. Popeye time starts now.
You want some coffee? We might be here awhile.
Forget coffee now. I'm pumped. This is Equipo Navazos coming. This is the move.

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