Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've been missing Joe, and I've tried to preserve something of him here that might otherwise have gone, like he has. Skip over the post if you don't care.

Happy to think that he and Buster can share their afternoon walks again.

"Arianna Occhipinti started with nothing. No money. Rocks. That is what was there, rocks. And now look! That can happen."

"92% Gros Manseng and the other 8% I don't fucking care. Go ask Lee Campbell the answer if you want to know."

"This wine was recently featured in Survivor: Australian Outback..."

It's nice to think of Herb Caen discussing column ideas with him.

Somewhere there is a Red Hook 360, and he is having a great meal there right now.

""Baajjjhhh-Grrrrr-Ahhh" is all I ever say into these lobby door intercoms. The people on the other end can't hear anything anyways."

Refused to join the iGeneration: he was our Bartolo.

"I like to wear other people's nametags at the reunion parties."

"Do you have somewhere I can park my bike? No? Then I'm not coming."

"That's ok, you sit down. I'll stay here and die of cancer standing up."

"This wine was made by a guy who used to walk around with his fly open"

"In the early days, we used to make a lot of mistakes. After that, we made some more mistakes."

"People underestimate the role of copainage."

"Anyone who has a wine blog will automatically be thrown out of the tasting."

He was the biggest VIP there was, a celebrity, at Joe Beef.

I told him that we all know the deal: one day we all get old. He said: "I never made that deal."

"We visited that grower. He had an elaborate Power Point marketing presentation to show us. So we left."

"Sometimes I tell people that Buster is a Mongolian Siamese blend. Sometimes they believe me."

The best possible day was when you could get him to laugh that big toothy aw shucks I don't believe this world I mean am I right? laugh.

"Do you have chocolate cake? No? Okay, then I'll just have the chocolate cake."

"You're a young man, you can still choose not to sell out."

"With my bum leg I can't ride my bike anymore, so maybe I'll come to your no-bike-parking restaurant now. Or maybe not."

"I'll have something simple for dessert. Do you have thousand layer cake?"

"Really, Zaggy, Denyse, and Kevin run the company. I write blogs."

"I could use everybody's help. Except yours."

"Who of the five people in the natural wine movement is persecuting you?"

He used to hang with The Owl Man

Nobody was smarter than Coad or Callahan, except him.

I never heard him say a bad word against Breton, or Chidaine, or Larmandier.

He taught Tasmanian Devils how to be relentless

"It's called a Friend Request, not a Vaguely Recalled Person that I Perhaps met Once Request"

"Roundtable seminar on Nuclear Spectrology and the Modern World, 6th floor": Signage from the tasting

He never wore a fedora.

Beware the competitor schnook who tried to taste at his table

"I don't like to play the Cancer card, but I need to sit down now."

Used to snap pictures of his Favorites

Say if Holden had been Jewish and liked wine...

Was once caught on film passing a bribe to Eric Texier

Anyone who says he wasn't a hedonist clearly never ate with the man: "Are you going to eat those?"

Saw the seer in Sheila D.

His only fear was the Flying Attack Cat of Venice

You used to see him backstage at the Downtown Uproar shows

Where others saw flower labels, he saw Beaujolais

Was King Arthur at the Camelot on Leonard Street


John said...

@ an Edmunds St. John Dinner where after two different glasses were topped off with corked wine, observing me walk out: "You should stay- they're pouring the next corked wine from magnum."

The Wine Mule said...

"In the early days, we used to make a lot of mistakes. After that, we made some more mistakes."

This should be on the national coinage, replacing "In God We Trust."

What We Drank said...

"Where others saw flowers, he saw Beaujolais"

That's a tender line.

Redbird said...

Brilliant list.

I never got the chance to know him well, but goddamn he was hilarious. On the Lapierre night at 10 Bells, he walked past me on his way out. I had just met him formally, and nodded in midst of my ravings about living in Paris.

Unfortunately the scrap of my conversation that he heard was ridiculously pretentious "something something 6th arrondisement something".... he looked at me, put his cane right on my foot, pushed down hard, and walked out.

It hurt like hell but I couldn't stop laughing, and I swear there was a twinkle in his eye. Thank you for saving me from stupid rambling Joe.