Friday, November 18, 2011

Rereading Peter

My relationship to tea might summed up as Cheech and Cha: more avid recreation than thoughtful research.

I do, however, know some people who are quite knowledgeable on the subject of tea. I was just rereading this classic rumination from Peter Liem on the terroir of the teapot, and what a tempest of thought it can provoke for tea and wine folks alike. It would be easy to neglect the amazing writing Peter did on his personal blog because he no longer adds new posts to that classic compedium. What a mistake that would be! Go back and peruse some of Peter's posts. They deserve a reread. They offer an opportunity to engage with one of the keenest minds in the wine business, and in long form.

It's easy to get hooked on the daily new, the latest chatter on Twitter, the recent tasting, the big mention. I would suggest that if we confine ourselves to the new, while forgeting to acknowledge some of the superb writing of the past, we risk having their keen insights go up in (tea) smoke.

And of course, don't forget Peter's nonpareil current writing at

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Peter Liem said...

Thank you, Levi. Very much appreciated. It's interesting that you chose that photo of us—neither of us have the facial hair anymore, but that hat still looks good on you.