Friday, November 11, 2011

Sherrie Levine : Sherrie Levine

11/11 and repetition.

We went to the Sherrie Levine show.

This is a picture of the Tour Guide at the Sherrie Levine show. She explained to us how Sherrie Levine questioned the idea of authorship in an age of mechanical reproduction. She said that it was Sherrie Levine's method of repeating and multiplying "original" artworks that created a tension between the idea of the "original," authorship, and what they mean now, today, when it is so easy to copy and reproduce. She told us what Sherrie Levine's intentions were. The Tour Guide was the author of her remarks about what Sherrie Levine meant. The Tour Guide was not Sherrie Levine.

I took the picture of the Tour Guide hurriedly, because it is prohibited to take pictures in the galleries of the Whitney Museum. The Tour Guide gave me her permission to take her picture. I explicitly told her exactly where in the room to stand. She is female and I am male. We are both caucasian. I did not ask her if she believes in God, nor did I share with her my views on the subject.

I sent this photo from my iphone to my email account, then saved it to the desktop of my computer. Now I have uploaded the picture to my blog.

This is a picture of the Tour Guide at the Sherrie Levine show 18 times.

This is a picture of Marcel Duchamp. I did not take this picture, but I have taken it and put it on my blog. The Tour Guide told us that Marcel Duchamp greatly influenced Sherrie Levine. This is something that I have been told before.

This is a picture of Marlene Dietrich. I did not take this picture, but I have taken it and put it on my blog. Marlene Dietrich has the same initials as Marcel Duchamp.
 We walked home.

This crosswalk had a repeating pattern that recalled the repeating patterns of Minimalism. Possibily Minimalism recalled the repeating patterns of a crosswalk.

What does this have to do with wine?

This is a photograph that I took of a photograph that I did not take of Bartolo Mascarello. The original photograph hangs in the Cantina of Bartolo Mascarello. I have previously represented the other on my blog.

Multiples of "original" bottles at Cantina Bartolo Mascarello. Bartolo did not make any of the wine in these bottles, someone else did. Bartolo died in 2005.

Multiples of "original" labels at Giuseppe Rinaldi. A machine will put these labels on the bottles of Giuseppe Rinaldi.

This is that machine.

Staircase from Giuseppe Rinaldi's vineyards.


Seth said...
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Seth said...

I like this post.

I will not say it eight times.

But I will say it twice.

I like this post.

Do Bianchi said...

ha! I was just commenting on your comment at BrooklynGuy's blog citing Benjamin! Ha! I love it... Even in this age of virtual community, there is a red thread (Freud's red thread)... I love it!

enjoying your blog immensely, Levi... so glad you started doing this...

the young folks here in Texas look to you as a role-model btw...