Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes the toughest decisions are those that involve a Family of wines...

Clemenza promised the Contract Growers a three times bonus if they brought in grapes at 30 brix. You took over, and you didn't give it to them.

I welched?

You welched.

Yeah, Clemenza promised them nothing. Clemenza promised them nothing! He hated those high alcohol Pinots more than I do!

Frankie, they feel cheated.

Michael, now you're sitting high up here in this city penthouse, and you're drinking, what are you drinking? You're drinking Champagne cocktails! And you're passing judgement on how I run my harvests!

The winery still makes highly lauded wine, and you'll run it to make highly lauded wine.

My winery doesn't make food to eat with that wine, my family doesn't eat food with that wine, and it doesn't eat nothing with Industrial Yeasts!

Now Frankie, you're a good old man, and I like you. I've respected your palate for years.

The Contract Growers, they're taking hostages. They say we can't harvest the grapes in parcels 6, 7, or 8. And Mike, they spit right in my refractometer! All because they are backed up by these Industrial Yeasts and these high sugar musts!

I know. That's why I don't want the grapes touched.

You don't want them touched!?

I want to be fair about this.

You want me to be fair about this!? Hahaha. How can this be fair? For chrissakes, listen, they blend in CHARBONO, they blend in SYRAH, they sell these made up, painted wines to their own GRANDMOTHERS. And I tell you, everything with them is VELVETY MOUTHFEEL. Velvety mouthfeel and soft tannins. And they leave the finesse to last! Now I want to run this harvest without you on my back! And I want these grapes picked earlier!



Now I have a business that is important, and I don't want it disturbed.

And you give you loyalty to a CULTIVATED YEAST before your own wine label?

Come on, Frankie. You know my father did business with Cultured Yeasts. He respected them.

Your father did BUSINESS with Industrial Yeasts, your father RESPECTED the science behind Industrial Yeasts, but your father never TRUSTED Industrial Yeasts! OR these high pH numbers!


Rafael said...

hahahahaha!!! Absolute genius!

Anonymous said...

Cicci, a porta!

Ditto what Rafael said!

KevinK said...