Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Amazing Jordan Salcito

Jordan explores the roots of wine by travelling far underground, and somehow also manages to have great glassware on hand.
Awhile back, when summer was still humming along, it was with great pleasure that I caught up with Jordan Salcito, the young and talented wine director behind the wine program at Crown restaurant in upper Manhattan. You have probably heard a bit about Crown already, but here is a look back to what Jordan was tackling in the time ahead of the opening, when every line of the list was still a possibility, and nothing was written.

Most of the wine interviews you hear about, they are with people who have been in the business forever. Those people may have replied to the same question with the same answer on repeat for who knows how long. Here is a new face making up fresh answers to the difficult challenge of a restaurant opening, and the responsibility of taking up her own first wine list. This is someone who in a short span of years has managed so much, including stints at top restaurants and cellar visits to amazing producers. Why not take a moment to hear what she has to say?

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