Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Birthday

Well, the blog is one year old today, and I'm sorry that the real commemorative post will have to wait a day or two, as I am late for work at the moment. But I will say that I started this blog to voice the kind of stories, theories, histories, poems, and travelogues that are difficult to elucidate tableside. And I've been happy with the result. The wine life has to be about more than "Would you like the wine to be fuller or lighter bodied?" and I hope you have also enjoyed some of the conversation that has happened here over the last year.

I leave you now with a print of a man making an infused distillate in olden times, a clip from the Amari File. Of course the exact recipe must remain a secret until I can decode the written script.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for tuning in and commenting as this blog has done its thing. As recent birthday boy JLG has said, every story must have a beginning to the story, a middle, and a finish, but just not necessarily in that order.


Anonymous said...

One of the only blogs I still read, Tremendous work Levi, congrats.

leviopenswine said...

Thanks, Chris!