Monday, December 19, 2011

My List of the Top Wine Movies of All Time, Part 2

Well, without further ado, I include here the remainder of my personal list of the TOP Wine Movies of Forever. See what you think!

L.A. Story, 1991

Perhaps not the first Wine Movie that would come to mind for a lot of people, but this certainly deserves inclusion for one scene alone, wherein a character describes how she puts her wine in the Spinning Cone and then takes off the first fake fruit she sees in there. Also notable is the sequence where the pruners threaten each other with loaded firearms as they race one another on tractors down the vineyard rows. Certainly this film is a must see if one wants to learn more about Southern California winemaking as it was in the heady days of the early '90s.

Citizen Kane, 1941

The story of a man of ideals who thought "it would be fun to run a Wine Critic Newsletter". He is subsequently lionized, and wields great power, telling a correspondent "You furnish the wine, I'll furnish the waiting list." But is he ultimately misunderstood by the people he sought to influence?

Broadway Danny Rose, 1984

A well meaning Jewish Sommelier takes the only job he is offered, and finds himself watching as people tear apart hundred dollar bills and throw them at Super Tuscans. He tries to get customers to appreciate the wines he holds dear, but encounters boatloads of difficulty as people dismiss his Frappatos as balloon art. Soon enough he wonders if he can develop the backbone of a top flight Taurasi, or if he must forever be a ventriloquist for wines he does not enjoy. Looking for solace amidst pastrami, he runs past the Carnegie Deli, realizing that it is strictly for tourists, and heads to his true love Katz's.

My Night at Maud's, 1969

At a dinner party featuring seductive older vintages, the protagonist Jean-Louis (played by Jean-Louis Trintignant) must decide if he will stick to his own stated ideal of drinking Muscadet young, or if he will follow the logic of Pascal the Vigneron, who famously waged that if God does exist he must be often drunk, and most surely understanding of those who also take a tipple.

Last Year at Marienbad, 1961

A man repeatedly and in different places claims to have had Overnoy's "Black Capsule," but the woman he claims to have had it with does not remember him, and an apparently smarter man resembling Joe Dressner frequently abuses him. Has the first man, known only as "X", actually sampled the masterpiece, or is he only hopelessly confused? Why can he not remember the vintage, even though he says that he asked for the label to be removed? And did he really wear that formal black evening jacket to a hipster wine bar in Williamsburg after all??

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

As everyone else around him is sleeping late at night, a man gets into a seemingly polite but highly emotionally charged argument on a Computer Wine Chat Forum, where the question at stake hinges on who is foolproof and incapable of error in their subjective assessments. When it becomes clear that neither party is incapable of error, and that oxidation might be harmful to wine but that lack of oxygen surely kills, one of the accounts is deleted. After this episode, the man travels a tremendous distance to an Ian Schrager lounge designed by Philippe Starck, but finds that he has arrived late (early?) to the dancefloor and is the only one there. He subsequently and simultaneously sees himself as an old man and as childish.


Tarkovsky said...
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Tarkovsky said...

Stalker, 1979
The Stalker guides a downtrodden oenology professor and a wine-blogger through an etherial "zone." They hope to locate and enter "the tasting room," where their dreams of tasting 1917 Chateau le Grand Vostok will come true.

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I would love to see that movie!