Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Magical

I'm pretty sure that if need be, Mike would run into a burning building to save this bottle of '89 Roulot.

I work with Michael Madrigale every day, so I've had plenty of opportunities to see the man in action, and let me tell you, Mike likes to open wine. I'm not talking about he doesn't mind, or he thinks it is pretty cool to open wine, or he will if there is nothing happening on TV, or whatever. I am telling you, he LIKES to open wine. He gets EXCITED. He gets PUMPED. He sings SONGS. He says WOO-HAH unironically, and he is not even from the South.

I submit as evidence this three stage photo montage, which I have entitled "Let the Cork Rhythm Hit 'Em, Mike on the Mic"

And the thing is, that excitement translates for people, it spreads throughout a room. Mike brings the good wine vibe. Consider as a contrast to Mike's this photograph I recently dug up of another, different well known sommelier, deep into a long shift on the floor.

Doesn't seem quite as fun to be around, does he? Huh. Well, I am sure he would still have a nicely tied double windsor.

Anyway, back to Mike and the good wine vibe. But don't just take my word for it. Check out the man himself, in his own words, in this snooth interview that features him. Hear what Mike has got to say.

And if you want to see some of the other videos in the snooth sommelier interview series, you can check them out at these links:

These are all fantastically talented wine folks. See for yourself.

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