Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Negroni recipe for a Cold Day

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant called Convivio, and I was quite fond of it. It held court amidst the colored glass and olden lamps of the Tudors, and like that tempestuous dynasty, its reign has ended. Or perhaps Convivio still exists and its entrance is just even more ridiculously difficult to find than it always was. Hard to say.

What I do know for sure is that Convivio offered something good to drink. Often, and especially when the little park across the lane was covered in frost, its name was Martin.

Martin, the Bitter Count
a cool weather negroni created by Charles Prusik, a former Convivio barman

0.75oz          Campari  (Lombardia)
0.75oz          Martin Miller's  Westbourne Strength” London Dry Gin (England & Iceland)
0.75oz          Fernet “Italia”  da Peloni  (Lombardia)

shake ingredients together with ice
serve in a wide lowball glass with the ice
add flamed orange peel of large dimension

Salute, Martin. Salute, Amari. Salute, friends.


Tarik said...

Interesting... Scott Beattie made me something similar a couple weeks ago up in Healdsburg, CA. Great blog

Tarik said...

Btw... Shaken? Is that a mistake?