Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I speak about myself when I speak about myself.

In different lighting the resemblance to Miles Davis becomes exceedingly apparent.

Here is a link to an interview wherein I compare my own situation in life to that of a gifted black child growing up in a midwestern town I've never been to. I also strengthen that correlation by wearing a pocket square and drinking from fine stemware.



Veronica said...

So what did you write in the book?

Anyhow, as you said, just write for yourself. If you aim to please a certain segment, you will just drive yourself nuts doing so, and it might even make your work less genuine.

That said, love your writing! Cheers.

Brian said...

Interesting point about that specific producer's Grappa. If most Grappa is Wagnerian, this one is pianoforte. The reference is enough to make me go out and find one to try. Thanks for that.

Oddly enough, Kermit Lynch once related a '92 Chateauneuf to Beethoven. While most Chateauneuf's strive for the power of the 5th Symphony, this one, he claims, is playful and fun as his 4th.

Great minds taste alike.