Friday, March 30, 2012

Larry Stone returns to Trotter's

Even the vines seem to be giving Larry Stone a nice pat on the shoulder on the occasion of his recent announcement.
I was very happy to read that legendary sommelier Larry Stone will be returning to the famed Charlie Trotter's restaurant to finish out the run of that extraordinary venue. Trotter's, as you probably know, will be closing in a few months. It seems entirely fitting that Larry, who gained worldwide respect and attention while the Head Sommelier of Trotter's back in the early 1990s, should be with the restaurant as the page is turned. I have a lot of respect for Larry, and I think he is a rare person in the business, especially in regards to his own dedication to the trade. Often people don't get a chance to revisit iconic places that meant a lot to their own careers while sharing time with old friends about to embark on the next chapter. This is the opportunity Larry has been given, and it is one that he surely deserves. I am very happy for Larry, and would suggest that you go see him at Trotter's while you still can. Larry helped define what we think of as a Sommelier in this country, and I admire him for blazing a path we could all follow.

Cheers, Larry!

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