Sunday, March 4, 2012

One interesting wine: Koshu Orange

The Coco Farm and Winery F.O.S. ("Fermented On Skins") is a Japanese Orange wine. It is made from the Koshu grape variety, which is a grape thought to have been cultivated in Japan since the 8th century. Recently, I got to try this bottling from the 2007 harvest. The Koshu grapes were picked late and fermented with native yeasts, skins in contact with the juice.

Coco Farm is a Japanese winery that employs autistic and developmentally disabled workers. The Coco Farm wine programs are overseen by Bruce Gutlove, an American University of California Davis graduate now living in Japan.

This wine had a nose that I think is hard to replicate outside of the Orange idiom. Grape tannins leverage smells, perhaps. Everyone talks so much about the color of these wines, I wonder if it is all too easy to forget the perfume.

Thank you for sharing this wine with me, Mariko.