Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Without Benefit

I had been thinking about Kipling's story for three days, and that line "Then I will mourn, and afterwards take an inventory of the furniture in this house." It was only yesterday when I realized that exactly a year ago I liquidated the cellar at Alto. Back then, and I guess it wasn't so long ago, I took an inventory and moved it off piecemeal.

I guess you don't know how things will come at you until they do. I hope you never have to find out how bitter it does taste to take a razor blade to your own canvas.


Michael said...


I bought 3 cases of the Alto/Convivio consignment from CSW and I can tell you that every bottle is enjoyed enormously with family and friends. And when I pull a cork, I always remember that great meal we had at Alto and how nice it was to meet you. Your hard work found good homes.

Mike Klein

Levi with an i said...


Thank you so much for saying that. You really made me feel better. Thanks.