Friday, May 25, 2012


We'd met Cinzia Bocchino at a producer dinner last year and the wines she had brought along to that event had seemed promising, so on this trip we scheduled a visit to the winery.

Luckily for everyone, this was also the day the Organic Certification Inspection Official decided to drop by for an easy going chat and laid back afternoon. He asked lots of exciting questions like "Did you file pre-registration forms A256, CD100, and BB2598 with the required and peripheral ministry department sub consuls before the 29 of June, 2010 deadline and do you have the officiated copies of each for examination?"

While Cinzia spent her day being charmed by the gentleman of Officialdom, our party tasted wine and toured the winery with Eugenio Bocchino, Cinzia's husband.

Eugenio (in the background of this shot) opened several bottles for us and pulled a couple of 2010 tank samples as well. As you can see in the above picture, Summer Wolff of importer Indie Wineries liked the "La Perucca" 2010 Nebbiolo so much that she went ahead and prayed for a bigger sample. I personally enjoyed the "Lu" 2006 Barolo, which is named after the daughter of Cinzia and Eugenio.

Eugenio shows us the packaging of his "Tom" bottling.

I begin to see a theme.

And along comes the original inspiration.

We take a tour of the winery facility.

The winery is attached to the house.

Apparently, stylish red hoses are in this year.

Also, red marking pens.

And red crates.

After a few minutes of this Eugenio tells us that personally, if he isn't tasting wine he prefers to be in the vineyards, rather than the winery.

So off we go to the Roccabella vineyard.

Roccabella is near the town of Roddi, and as such, is out of the Barolo zone. Eugenio bottles the fruit from here as a Langhe Nebbiolo.

Eugenio has been farming the Roccabella vineyard with biodynamic methods. Some of the vines are still a bit young here. Eugentio tends to destem the grapes and let the fruit come out and be accessible.

All in all it seems like Eugenio tends to look for a certain amount of fruit heft in the wines, and where they are most successful for me is when they combine that broad and open fruit character with a freshness that keeps them together. 

I was happy to visit this producer which I didn't know much about, and plan on keeping an eye on future releases as they come out.

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Summer Wolff said...

Thanks for the blog Levi... and by the way, that official called me to find out if you had the forms 34rtsd9-667 and HHG78*u2 filled out which are actually required to write about an organic winery in a blog... I told him you'd be in touch :)

Glad you guys made it... and yes, still praying for a bigger pour on the 2010 La Perucca!