Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I've had exactly one example of a Canonica wine, this one, the 2008 Barolo, and let me tell you, I Loved it. That kind of clarity to the fruit on the palate, well, I'm not sure if I know of another example that would be similar. At least not in Barolo, which is where Giovanni Canonica lives and has long worked. If you were to tell me that you have liked Occhipinti in Sicily or Lapierre in Morgon, then I would tell you not to hesitate in finding yourself a bottle of Canonica, because it is fabulous.

There isn't so much to go around. Canonica makes one small lot of Barbera that he doesn't sell and the one Barolo each year. And that's it. He has a bit of Dolcetto that he turns into a grape condiment to have with cheese and bread. As far as wine goes, there really isn't much. But what there is, well, it's delicious.

The cellar space at Canonica is behind the house. There are several ways to describe the space in Italian. "Small" might be one translation. "Tiny" might be another. I'm sorry that my comprehension of the language isn't better that I might know which particular phrase to use.

Fiberglass fermenting tanks. Most of them that are there are in this picture.

That's 2,500 liters in the tank.

The labelling station. The bottle sits on the board, the person sits on the stool, and the labels are applied by hand.

Paiagallo is the vineyard site.

We go for a visit.

The vineyard slope overlooks the town of Barolo.

Giovanni stands next to one of his vines. I believe this is a Dolcetto vine, with grapes destined for condimenti.

Pie Franco Nebbiolo vine. There are several here.

In general many of the vines, layered or not, have significant age.

The signature tint of a Nebbiolo leaf.

Giovanni has tied this piece of vine to the trellising, where it hangs as a marker in the vineyard.

I found my own marker in this wine, which is a new benchmark for Barolo in my mind.


Filippo said...

What about alcohol ? 14.5% on 2008 and 15% on 2007.

How is it when you taste the wine ?

Do Bianchi said...

that looks entirely awesome...

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said...

i want to go to there.