Thursday, May 31, 2012

RIP Aldo Conterno, 1931 - 2012

House on a hill: the Aldo Conterno winery.
Aldo Conterno, who founded the Poderi Aldo Conterno in 1969 and brought forth the idea that Barolo should be drinkable younger, has died.

A friend remarked to me recently that an era has passed in Barolo. When you think of the esteemed names in the area, it is their children who make their wine now. Aldo was himself once young, and it was then that he set new goals unheard of in the area at the time.

Aldo Conterno acheived incredible heights from his perch in Bussia. I expect that he is now in a place of even higher elevation.

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John said...

Beautiful piece. Thank you. His wines weren't my favorite, but I never felt them to be cynical.