Saturday, June 2, 2012

Castello di Verduno

The Church of San Michele has in many ways been the focal point of Verduno for hundreds of years.

And continues to be so for visitors today.

Across the Verduno town square from the Church of San Michele is the Castello di Verduno.
Which is indeed a Castle.

The Castello di Verduno as depicted on an old bottle label.

The Castello di Verduno as depicted on the camera of my iPhone.

The tasting room. The wine production facility is elsewhere, in Barbaresco. Here in Verduno they have the bottle cellar, the tasting and the sales rooms. Everything is fermented in Barbaresco. No botti or barrel pics this time around. Sorry.

We sit down with Mario Andrion, who is the winemaker of Castello di Verduno. Mario has been working here since 2000. In the first years he was obliged to work with a consulting oenologist as well, although now he runs the winemaking show on his own.

Mario opens up several bottles for us. This is another address for Barolo from Verduno's great Monvigliero vineyard, as well as the Massara vineyard, also in Verduno. In addition to other bottlings from Verduno fruit there are the wines made from grapes grown in the Barbaresco vineyard holdings, which include Rabaja.

Mario takes us down to the cellar of the castle.

The bottled history of Verduno has been placed there in the cellar library.

Including the more recent entries.

After the cellar tour we head out to the courtyard and on to the vineyards.

A look down at the Massara cru. Castello di Verduno has significant holdings here.

The view of one of the vineyard rows in Massara. The vineyard of Monvigliero is visible in the distance.

Looking back up Massara towards the tower in Verduno.

Mario takes a moment to talk with us. I really enjoyed meeting Mario for the first time on this trip, and I learned a lot from what he had to say.

We head over to Monvigliero.

A look from near the top of Monvigliero.

A Castello di Verduno parcel of vines in Monvigliero.

After the walk through the vines we headed over for lunch to the Ca del Re, which is the agriturismo run by the owners of Castello di Verduno, Gabriella Burlotto and Franco Bianco. The pair was there waiting for us.

And we shared a nice meal.

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