Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finding Super Barolo at Cappellano

I love the eccentricities of old bottle labels. Somehow you knew just walking in that there would be some super special old label like this one in the Cappellano tasting room. A nice rendering of the Serralunga Castle on there.

There was some mixup with the timing, so there was plenty of opportunity to snap pictures while we waited. I took my camera eye along pretty much every inch of the place. If anyone ever needs in the future to reconstruct the Cappellano tasting room from photographs, perhaps for a museum of Pie Franco installation, do contact me.

The lively ball of white fur in the picture above is Marta that cat, who kept us company while we waited.

There were the diplomas and official citations.

And there was the sheet music.

There were the old labels.

And the photographs.

And the paintings.

And there were the books.

And then there was Augusto, who met with us and led us around the cellar.

While Marta surveyed the scene.

The cantina is expanding, and in fact there was a big crane working on the roof when we arrived. Because of the construction, things were a bit more packed in close together than normal in the cellar.

We got a chance to taste this Barolo Rupestris 2007 a bit later in our visit.

The big, sturdy fruit of Gabutti with the soft around the edges of 2007. It was a good wine, and a highly credible 2007.

Of course Baldo wasn't here, but of course he was everywhere. There is a certain traditional minded stylishness about the place that you can tell he desired.

But then you can tell from the labels that the Cappellano family has long had an eye for style.


Lyle Fass said...

Great cat.

keithlevenberg said...

Will always treasure our visit with Teobaldo in '06. The cat hunted down a snake while we were there and used it as a toy.

Isn't it abnormal for an '07 Barolo to still be in cask? Aren't everyone else's already in stores?

Levi with an i said...

You are right, Keith. It's notable.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Love your voice in this one particularly.

Wine Yoda said...

Just discovering Cappellano (I must've been living under a rock!). Love the 07 Barolo Rupestris as well, almost as soon as I raised my glass. Thanks for this blog post.