Monday, July 16, 2012

Elves make the best sommeliers

Elves make the best sommeliers. The tall elves I mean. The elves that can reach things. Why is that? Well, they are smart. They live a long time and can taste a ton of vintages. And they have big ears that can hear wine better than you or me. Well, maybe you. I have pretty big ears, too.

Anyway, elves are definitely the best sommeliers. I mean, are you telling me that if elven Liv Tyler wants you to buy some wine that you are passing on that? I think you are a buyer, my friend. I think so. Even if she does whisper all the time, and you can't ever understand what she is saying. You are definitely buying. Don't make her get her magic spell wine horses to magically appear from the liquid and run you down, dude. Just buy that wine.

So yeah, elves are the best wine folk of all the wine folk of the world. I know this to be true, even though I don't know any elven sommeliers. Alice may have other ideas. And also examples to prove her point. But what good are those?

Elves, dude. Wine elves.

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Argun Tanrıverdi said...

I'd never say 'No' to a wine that's coming from the hands of an Elf, NEVER! You're totally right.