Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eric Asimov has your back

If you are a consumer of wine, and obviously you are, Eric Asimov has been looking out for you. Eric is the Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times, and for several years he has been a writer that has championed value for the customer. But a lot of good writers do that. What Eric also does is fashion insight into compelling narratives that don't tell you what to think, and that's a gift. It is one thing to get out there and say, This is what I know and because of what I know this is what I think, but it is another thing entirely to do what Eric does and write pieces that say This is what you as a reader should know to drink better and make up your own mind. And that's what I like about Eric: he doesn't write in recursive script. In addition he is patient, curious, and apt to be more fair than he needs to be.

I got a chance to sit down and really talk with Eric about how he approaches his work, and the resulting interview is up now on the I'll Drink to That! website. You can also check it out on iTunes. Or follow Eric directly on twitter: @ericasimov

If wine is a crossword puzzle, Eric wants you to discover as many ways as possible to say Good Drink. And I say, well done!

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