Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jan D'Amore on I'll Drink to That!

Importer Jan D'Amore takes some time away from scouting wines in Italy to sit down for a long chat for the latest I'll Drink to That! release. Jan is someone I admire a great deal. Little known outside of the Italian wine buyers circle in New York, Jan doesn't strive to do anything more or less than bring in the wines that he cares about and represent the producers with whom he has developed a relationship. There is no big sales strategy, and no forecasting of the next big thing. Jan has simply followed his own palate and experience around the back strada of Italy, often emerging with an unique find. Jan isn't in the game for the glory or for the big bucks, and he doesn't do anything other than tell it like it is in this interview.

You can find Jan's interview on iTunes and you can also find more information about Jan's company here, on his website.

Jan is an inspiring person with thoughtful comments to share. Don't miss the interview.

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