Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jon Bonne is on I'll Drink to That!

Jon Bonne, the erudite wine editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, brings a nuanced perspective of the California wine scene to listeners of I'll Drink to That! in an interview that is up today. Jon combines a real grasp of the historical trends that shaped the area with an on the ground view of the latest happenings. And Jon possesses a well informed palate that was honed by seeking out the variety of the world's wines. Jon not only keeps up with what is happening in California today, but also helps chart what will happen next through his writing.

But what if you haven't purchased a California wine in years? Then you should definitely be listening to this interview, because Jon cogently explains not only why you haven't been drinking the wines, but also who the producers are that just may change that.

Jon Bonne's interview is available on iTuneson Stitcher for the Droid users, and on the dedicated website.

You can also follow Jon on twitter @jbonne or track down his writing on SFGate.com

This is somebody that is informed, intelligent, and ready to level with you about what the reality is. Don't miss the opportunity to hear what he has to say.

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