Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mark Vlossak is on I'll Drink to That!

Mark Vlossak of Oregon's St. Innocent Winery conducts a master class on Oregon Pinot today on I'll Drink to That! Mark has a couple decades of experience with the grape in the place to draw on, and he is patient and thorough in his explanations. This is a good chance to hear more about where Mark is coming from, and also where Pinot Noir from Oregon is coming from. What does the weather determine? What does the domestic market demand? And what do we see different producers doing in Oregon today? If you are curious to hear Mark's perspective on all this, then don't miss the in-depth discussion.

You can hear the Mark Vlossak interview on iTuneson Stitcher, or on the dedicated website.

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Jason A said...

So, no market for gamay? It's not an "American Wine"? I guess I'll just stick to unAmerican French wine.