Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ned Benedict is on I'll Drink to That!

Ned Benedict in his natural habitat: pouring a tremendous bottle of old wine.
Ned Benedict is one of those personages that shows up maybe once in a generation, if we are lucky.  A shining beacon of truth that overcomes all manner of difficult obstacles to herald a bright and beautiful...wait, well, maybe that's somebody else.  But anyway Ned is a very cool dude, and my buddy, and boy does he have some good stories to share.  Which he does today on I'll Drink to That!  Ned is a partner at Grand Cru Selections, and was once a sommelier at some of the top wine restaurants in New York that you may have heard about.  If you have heard about them, wonderful, you'll love the anecdotes Ned tells all the more.  If you haven't heard about those restaurants, get ready for a great ride anyway.  Ned knows the who, what, and when and he will fill you in with aplomb.

This is a good listen, my friends.  Don't miss.

Ned's interview can be found on iTuneson Stitcher for your Droid users, or on the dedicated I'll Drink to That! website.

You can also follow Ned on twitter @nedbenedict

I repeat, don't miss this interview.

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