Monday, October 1, 2012

A Visit to Flavio Roddolo

Flavio Roddolo has vines in Monforte near to that commune's border with Dogliani, and perhaps this is why Roddolo's Dolcetto bottlings are so prodigious: Dolcetto is the prodigy of Dogliani, the star progeny. 

Flavio declines to talk much, and when he does, it is not in English.

He prefers to listen to the breeze between the vines, and if he turns to you it is perhaps to determine if you also can hear this music.

Flavio had already brought the Dolcetto to his cellar and the vine lobes hung here without their long earrings.

Mushrooms collected in a basket were ample evidence of the season.

Flavio's Barolo is as he is, speaking with gravel in the tones, and slow to open up.

Flavio perhaps expects that Americans will most appreciate his Cabernet.

When we didn't, he went to search for something else to drink.

There were many curiosities.

And precious treasures.

We sampled some.

And were greatly impressed by others.

Here was a man building strong willed wines in his own earthen image.

I was glad to have visited their home.

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