Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You say Cannubi, I say...Canubbi?

Here are more pictures of those Bartolo "Canubbi" labels, by the way. They are interesting historically, and in light of this ongoing situation. None of these wines were made entirely from Canubbi (Cannubi) fruit, so far as I know.


Giovanni Arcari said...

è giusta la tua osservazione ma devi sapere che prima del 1968 in Italia (anno in cui sono nate le prime DOC) si poteva piantare nebbiolo a Milano e chiamarlo "vino barolo" o "vino tipo barolo".
Non c'era una regolamentazione e forse definire i vini Cannubi per uno come Maccarello -che comunque è proprietario di un pezzo dei Cannubi- voleva dire esclusività di un nome che all'epoca, usavano forse in pochi o nessuno.

Do Bianchi said...

hey Levi, I'm here to thank you for the shout out and to translate Giovanni's "intervention" (I know yall would really dig each other and that you'd dig his Franciacorta).

"Your observation is correct but you keep in mind that before 1968 in Italy (the year in which the first DOC were created) you could plant Nebbiolo even in Milan and call it 'vino barolo' or 'vino tipo barolo'. There was no regulation. Perhaps, for someone like Mascarello — who owns a piece of Cannubi — it denoted the exclusivity of the name in that era, a name which very few used or perhaps even no one."

Thanks, again, Levi, for the shoutout... we should powwow on this...

Levi opens wine said...


Thank you for your comments.

I am definitely not implying that anything about the labels is counter to any regulations that were in place at the time of their release.