Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tasting the top Crus of Serralunga on December 11th at 6pm to benefit Governor Restaurant in Dumbo

Everybody knows that Barolo is an excellent and well respected area for fine wine. But relatively few people have much familiarity with the vineyards that compose it. While single vineyard bottlings of Barolo have risen in prominence over the last 60 years to represent some of the very finest wines from the Piemonte today, the understanding of what specific vineyard names represent has not always been well understood outside the region. The differences in the finished wines can be as stark as those we associate with the Cote de Nuits versus the Cote de Beaune, or as nuanced as the distinction between Bonnes-Mares and Musigny. Just as with those wines, the story of a Barolo is found in its flavors, but that story is originally written in a vineyard.

Cascina Francia
Come find out more about the vineyards and taste the differences yourself as we explore together the Serralunga commune, an area known for majestic, powerful Barolo and some of the Piemonte’s grandest vineyards. We will sample eight wines: a collection representing the top vineyards of Serralunga and the producers most associated with them. This is an opportunity to taste in the same evening the wines from the most esteemed vineyards of the famed Serralunga commune, as interpreted by the winemakers who know them best. Vigna Rionda and Cascina Francia are both thought of as tremendously great vineyards, but how do they differ? What characteristics do Gabutti and Parafada share in common, and where do they diverge? How have different vintages affected the region? These are some of the questions that we will address in discussion and tasting on this special evening.

Nebbiolo vine in the Brea vineyard
I'll be leading this exploration of Serralunga, and I have walked every one of the vineyards included for the tasting, as well as met with every winemaker whose wines will be discussed. This is a chance to better understand the places of one of the world’s greatest wine growing regions.

The Serralunga tasting will begin at 6pm on December 11th, at Governor Restaurant in Dumbo, 15 Main Street in Brooklyn.

Wines to be tasted...

Boasso “Gabutti” Barolo 2004

Vietti “Lazzarito” Barolo 2003

Schiavenza “Broglio” Barolo 2006

Luigi Pira “Margheria” Barolo 2007

Poderi Oddero “Vigna Rionda” Barolo 2004

Massolino “Parafada” Barolo 2007

Giacomo Conterno “Cascina Francia” Barolo 2005

Brovia “ca’ mia” Barolo 2005 from the Brea Vineyard

This is a charity benefit for Governor restaurant, which was closed after sustaining significant damage from Hurricane Sandy. Attendees are asked for a minimum donation of $100 to attend. All proceeds, minus 10 percent to be donated to local Brooklyn Hurricane-Relief Non-Profits, will go directly towards helping Governor get back on track.

To reserve your seat for this tasting, or to find out about the other wonderful tasting events that have been coordinated to help Governor by DANIEL Sommelier Raj Vaidya, please email Governor Chef Brad McDonald directly, at brad@governordumbo.com

This charity tasting has been made possible with the generous support of Rosenthal Wine Merchant, Polaner Selections, Domaine Select Wine Estates, Soilair Selection, Michael Skurnik Wines, David Bowler Wine, Martin-Scott Wines, and MFW Wine Co.


Alan Manley said...

Levi - what a great thing to do for both Govenor and the better understanding of Serralunga terroirs/crus. There's been a bit of a hullabaloo about this subject in reference to Cannubi as of late ... what, exactly, constitutes differences between such closely-spaced vineyards. A century ago, no-one drew boundaries based on scientific measurements of soil differences, rather it was where the snow melted earliest for the Nebbiolo plants. In any case, sorry I will not be able to make the tasting. warm regards, Alan

Levi opens wine said...

Thank you, Alan. Great to hear from you.