Monday, December 3, 2012

La Paulee returns to New York

Well, it is coming up on that time of year: the grand Burgundy Bacchanal La Paulee is coming back to New York. Actually, the event will be held in March, but I'm already getting excited. I'll be honest with you, I've drunk a lot of pretty amazing wine at La Paulee's past, and I have had more than my fair share of good times, as well.

Jean-Marc Roulot has said that the Luchets 2007 was his best ever from that vineyard. I got to pour it for tasters at La Paulee last year.
One of La Paulee events I like most is The Verticals Tasting. The same wine is offered in three different vintages from each producer. You really get a feel for the site, and the producer's style, as reflected through the prism of various vintages.

I've worked the Jean-Marc Roulot table at The Verticals for the last two years in a row. Not sure how that happened, but I sure am happy that it did.
And the producer is there at the tasting to walk you through the wines personally. Not just any producers, but some of the very best in Burgundy. Wines from Chevillon, Dauvissat, Fourrier, Lafarge, Pierre Morey, Mugneret-Gibourg, Roumier, and a whole lot more besides will be present at the upcoming event.

Last year Aubert de Villaine led a tasting of 2009s from DRC, which included the new Corton bottling.
And there are a host of other smaller, more intimate events planned, in addition to the big gala tasting and the grand dinner prepared by the famous chefs. Like, oh hey!, the panel I'll be on discussing the overlooked wines that over deliver from Burgundy. We'll be pouring some cool stuff and talking up a storm. You should come by. Or check the website for the details on some of the other satellite events.

This 1992 Henri Jayer Vosne-Romanee was the special highlight of La Paulee for me last year. I tasted many grander appellations - this was only a village wine - and many older bottles, but this wine was perfectly in its moment. It was a thrill to drink some.
Not that you will want to miss the big events, either, because those will sure be chock full of great wine. I've learned a lot just working those events. They are quite the show.

Last year I worked the dinner table Burt Williams sat at, and it was pretty awesome to open up this old bottle of Williams Selyem for him.
I've gotten to know some people I have a lot of admiration for at La Paulee, and there have been moments while there that I have glimpsed the outer edge of what is possible in a wine. Maybe we'll share one of those moments together in 2013.

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