Thursday, December 20, 2012

Le Montrachet's top search terms of 2012

Curious what the vineyard of Le Montrachet searched for on google this year?

Find a list of the most popular 2012 searches from Le Montrachet below.

when is it village and when is it villages?
map to hospices de beaune walking time
what do they pair with chinese food?
WebMD: premox symptoms
youtube: how do I saber a still wine?
gangnam style
where is the jura?
did united states almost elect a president who doesn't drink wine??
images for it hurts when you spray me
who is the highest grand cru on winesearcher today?
when the barrel wasn't round and other incroyable stories
nsfw orange wine
did Chambertin buy the Wine Advocate?
epoisses seamlessweb

1 comment:

TWG said...

So your search was the nsfw orange wine?