Saturday, December 22, 2012

The unfinished blog posts of 2012, numero uno: the Ciro post

Many times I start a blog post, and for whatever of several thousand reasons, never finish it. Sometimes I just run out of time, sometimes I just run out of steam. I know, hard to believe that I would ever run out of things to say about a wine, but it happens. So rather than let these unfinished posts continue to languish in neglect, I've decided to share them with you in the remaining days of 2012. These are the unfinished blog posts of 2012. First up, the Ciro post. This one had some cool pics, some experiments with formatting that didn't work out, and an interesting historical thing going on, which I never got around to completing. Enjoy.

Awhile back, thanks to Jamie, I got to try some old Ciro. Not some old Ciro, really, but some very old Ciro. Two bottles of 1975 and one 1969, all from Vincenzo Ippolito. And boy were they thrilling to drink.

For me Ciro represents most clearly the influence of the Greek palate in Italian wine. By far the most well known wine from what is now called Calabria, this was an area that hosted ancient Greek settlers as far back as the Bronze Age. And something like Ciro is thought to have been served to the athletes of the original Olympics. I've heard it said that Ciro is the world's longest continuously produced wine. An unbroken thread of grape type (mostly Gaglioppo)...[and that's all there is, so I guess the thread wasn't completely unbroken]

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