Thursday, December 27, 2012

The unfinished blog posts of 2012, number undecided: Glimpsing Valentini

Many times I start a blog post, and for whatever of several thousand reasons, never finish it. But rather than let these rough gems continue to languish in neglect, I've decided to share them with you in the remaining days of 2012. These are the unfinished blog posts of 2012. Today's is the Valentini post. I have a real problem committing to Valentini. Not to the wines, but to what I want to say about them. When I think about my own indecision on the matter I often remember the waiter I knew who, thinking he'd won the lottery, phoned in to work to say no more, he'd quit. The next day he looked more closely at the ticket, realized he hadn't won as much as he had thought, and called again. Any chance he could come back for a shift? Valentini does something similar to me. First, I go firmly one way, knowing exactly what I want to say with certainty, and then, wait a second...hmm, maybe something else. I'm not talking about vintage variation, I'm talking about the same wine will change on me. Or I change my opinion of it. One of those three possibilities. Anyway, I never did write anything down in this post. Afraid to commit, I guess. So it's just the pictures. Enjoy.

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Alfonso Cevola said...

Doug Wilder comments over on Steve Heimoff's blog about wine, which suits how I view wines like Valentini,"I have likely called a wine intriguing if it reveals a particular character that compels me to revisit the glass and tighten my focus."

Happy New Year!