Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Remembering the Governor restaurant benefit Barolo tasting

It was really gratifying to me personally to be able to benefit the rebuilding process of Governor restaurant after the damage done to it by the four feet of flooding brought on by Hurricane Sandy. I led a charity comparative Barolo tasting at Governor that highlighted different crus within the Serralunga commune. Happily, I was able to recall the tasting night for readers of Bon Appetit online. It's a topic that I care a lot about, because we all know wines come from vines and where those vines are says a lot about them. And that's as true for Barolo as it is for wine regions we all know better. Knowing more about the vineyards means understanding more about the finished wines that begin in them. Our tasting dealt with a subject that's important to explore, and we did so for the benefit of a cause everybody in New York and New Jersey should care about: the revitalization of our damaged restaurants here. Plus it turned out to be a fabulous lineup of wines, thanks to the generosity of numerous importers, as well as a well planned event thanks to DANIEL Sommelier Raj Vaidya, who organized the series of tastings with Governor Chef-Owner Brad McDonald.

If you want to hear more about how how our tasting went, or if you want to replicate it for yourself at home, check out the link to the Bon Appetit article. Salute to you and sincere best wishes to Governor.

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