Monday, January 21, 2013

The I'll Drink to That! Voltron

Remember Voltron? You know, Voltron. As in the Defender of the Universe, Voltron. Mechanical lion head limbs, Voltron.

Here is a quick refresher course in case you've forgotten:

To be honest with you, I get a little emotionally worked up just watching that. Voltron and I spent a lot of time together during my childhood. Really, I miss Voltron. I think I miss Voltron more than my childhood, actually. Nowadays I don't think about Voltron each afternoon like I used to. But I never gave up on the idea of Voltron, which was that a power team of 5 individuals, each with a different skill, could join together to battle the forces of evil and just in general rock it out across the worlds.

So it is probably not surprising that when I was thinking about 5 guests who were recently on I'll Drink to That!, that the Voltron team should come to mind. These are all powerful cats in their own rights, but when I think about how their skills complement the others and could meld together, I've got to tell you: just amazing. Amazing Voltron -like magnificence. Legendary stuff. And if you don't believe me you better watch out, 'cause Voltron never lost an animated battle.

So without further ado, here is my galactic strong Voltron team:

John Gilman, seen here with others members of Earth's Human Force, is the Intellect part of the wine Voltron. He thinks deeply about the solar systems Voltron moves in, and keeps everyone aware of the great history in which Voltron takes part.

Chris Barnes is the Integrity portion of the Voltron. He reminds the rest of the Voltron unit to go about their duties with heart, and with strong Voltron soul. Chris will also not allow the Voltron to cop out and wear silly wrap around robot sunglasses. Ray-Bans for the Voltron when the sun is out, or nothing.

Steve Wildy is the Chill member of the Voltron. He reminds the Voltron unit not to get too big of a head, and to just take time to enjoy the greatness of being in the Voltron. Steve won't admit this to anyone without the highest Voltron Security Clearance, but he also brings a deeply Irish inflected drawl to the voice of the Voltron. When the Voltron speaks in the cadences of W.B. Yeats it is because of Steve.

Liz Nicholson brings the Fun to the Voltron. When the Voltron smiles, it is Liz's smile that the Voltron smiles. It's a great smile, and capable of disarming evening the most jaded pinot grigio drinking robotic foes.

Yannick Benjamin brings the Gusto to the Voltron. Yannick makes sure the Voltron never stops keeping on. And when the Voltron is down you know that Yannick will be team member who lifts the whole Voltron back up. With Yannick in the Voltron, there is no way that the Voltron ever loses heart.

Well, that's the wine Voltron. What do you think? If you want to know more, just click on the in-depth I'll Drink to That! interviews with the entire Voltron team!

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Anonymous said...

Wow... Only listened to 2 of the ill drink to that interviews of the voltron crew. Time to catch up on the other 3

Keep up the good work Levi