Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Betts to Podcast: "I'll Drink to That!"

Richard Betts, who is the foreground of the surreal de Chirico/Man Ray in color image with the Laughing Lady/Blimp Sized Ballon Flute/Disneyland themed arch shown above, is on the podcast today for the beginning of not one but two up close and personal interviews. Sure you could miss two guys who have been in the business awhile talking about what it was to get in it, but why would you? There is some real stuff on the audio. The kind maybe you don't always share with everybody. And more to come on Friday.

Oh, and hey, so Friday happened and track 2 of the Betts conversation is ready to go on the site and on iTunes. If you were waiting for the Orange wine talk, it's in there.

1 comment:

adam said...

I couldn't have enjoyed both parts any more. Lots of great discussion, as always, and Richard has such an infectious positive attitude. A very uplifting conversation.