Saturday, May 18, 2013


The taxis were lined up to take us from the airport.

Our driver helped us in, and then kept his eyes on the horizon.

As we passed the cemetery island.

And soon came upon signs of life.

Here was Venice.

With its corridor streets.

And lavish enhancements.

A weathered but grand facade.

And we could not have asked for a clearer day.

The sharp light throwing rays into the details.

And me taking pictures of every church twice.

The busy streets facing seemingly empty shops.

And overlooking quiet canals.

And even more grand waterways.

I liked the color of the algae and the boat in this one.

The considerable stains of time left behind in this shot.

The elaborate patterns.

The sweeping scope.

The quiet entrances.

At the tip of the island, a look across the water.

The far shore had been the Jewish island.

A wander back along the way we came.

But taking a new route this time.

The Byzantine influence extends even to the graffiti.

As well as to the more permanent ornamentation.

I like to find picture worlds with few inhabitants, but of course that is impossible at the Rialto.

A shine in the corner.

A shimmer.

A sidelong glance.

I liked the way the tree hung over.

I appreciated the prominent austerity.

At nighttime the crevices were more visible.

And a sound would ricochet in an archway.

As the light leaned out of a window.

And the moon was raised up like a flag.

Buffeted by the lights below.

Venice has a theatrical appearance, even when the stage is empty.

Still grand.

Still matching the heavens.

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